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Mini Playsilks

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Purple Mini Playsilk on baby
Purple Mini Playsilk on baby
  • All the Mini Playsilk colours
    All the Mini Playsilk colours
  • Rainbow Mini Playsilk
    Rainbow Mini Playsilk
  • Baby with Mini Playsilk
    Baby with Mini Playsilk

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Mini Playsilks are a great option for infants and toddlers!

Playsilks are one of our most popular products, and now we carry a mini version, just perfect for tiny infant and toddler hands. 

We've also gotten large orders of these for children's dance groups as they make great accessories for choreographies.

The 21"x21" Mini-Playsilks come in the following vibrant colours:

  • Rose
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Emerald
  • Royal Blue
  • Purple
  • Rainbow
  • Starry Sky

(add an extra $1.50 to the beautiful Starry Sky and Rainbow colours)

Here are just a few of the many ways we've seen children play with the small and regular sized playsilks alike:

Doll house rugs and blankets.....Peek-a-boo.....lakes, grass or dirt in pretend play.....In a pot to stir as soup....Dance classes to wave around to the music.....Baby slings.....Tie a pouch.....Capes or wings.....Wrap a little present..... and sooooo much more!

it's infinite how many things children can come up with when playing with silks!

Ages 3 and up

Made in a small village in China using Fair Labour practices

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