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Canada's number one online toy store specializing in the best safe and natural hand crafted, waldorf inspired wooden toys.  Our selection is full of fun eco-friendly and green crafts and play things that nurture children's creative imagination and nourish the senses.  We also offer the higest quality Candian and local products and toys Made in Canada for your child.


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Easter Playsilk in a basket
Easter Playsilk in a basket
  • Playsilk - Sky Blue
    Playsilk - Sky Blue
  • Playsilk - Turquoise
    Playsilk - Turquoise
  • Playsilk - Royal Blue
    Playsilk - Royal Blue
  • Playsilk - Purple
    Playsilk - Purple
  • Playsilk - Lavender
    Playsilk - Lavender
  • Playsilk - Pink
    Playsilk - Pink
  • Playsilk - Rose
    Playsilk - Rose
  • Playsilk - Salmon
    Playsilk - Salmon
  • Playsilk - Red Violet
    Playsilk - Red Violet
  • Playsilk - Red
    Playsilk - Red
  • Playsilk - Orange
    Playsilk - Orange
  • Playsilk - Gold
    Playsilk - Gold
  • Playsilk - Daffodil
    Playsilk - Daffodil
  • Playsilk - Spring Green
    Playsilk - Spring Green
  • Playsilk - Emerald
    Playsilk - Emerald
  • Playsilk - Mint
    Playsilk - Mint
  • Playsilk - White
    Playsilk - White
  • Playsilk - Brown
    Playsilk - Brown
  • Playsilk - Rainbow
    Playsilk - Rainbow
  • Playsilk - Starry Sky
    Playsilk - Starry Sky
  • Playsilks
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Our all-time #1 Best Seller!

Imagine your child enraptured with a playsilk at 4 months old, running it easily through their new little fingers, and then still playing with that silk at three, five, eight years old! These silks have a play value that lasts longer than anything we've seen.

Playsilks are a basic ingredient for children's imaginative play. Silks can be used to create elaborate costumes, build forts, create landscapes and water for boats and animals, and much more

They come in a rainbow of colours, and can be used for anything your child can dream up; the ocean, grass, a cape, a dress, a parachute, veils... the sky's the limit!

35x35 inch squares of light, flowing silk, hand hemmed and dyed with non-toxic dyes in the USA. Our silks are packaged in a lively paper wrapper that gives ideas for play.

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