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Grow-Your-Own Easter Grass Kit

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Easter Grass Kit
Easter Grass Kit
  • Easter Grass Kit
    Easter Grass Kit
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Go eco-friendly for Easter with a basketful of bright and beautiful springtime grass. The Easter Bunny will love you for it!

The Easter Grass Kit offers an all-natural alternative to wasteful plastic grass.  And it's such a fun and educational way to get your children involved in the holiday preparations.  Kids have so much fun doing this project and seeing the grass grow (and it grows quickly!)

The kit takes just three easy steps.
The seeds will sprout within 24-36 hours, and grow almost an inch a day.  By Easter morning, the basket will be full with bright blades of grass no-bunny can resist!

  1. About one week before the holiday, place the starter disk in an bowl and cover with water.  Magically, the disk will expand into fine dirt.
  2. Place the dirt into a lined Easter basket.
  3. Sprinkle the seeds (provided) on top of the dirt.  Nature will take care of the rest! 

Each kit contains enough  materials for two medium baskets.  This Easter, begin a new family tradition that will make the whole world a little greener.

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