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The Cupcake Game

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The Cupcake Game
The Cupcake Game
  • The Cupcake Game
    The Cupcake Game
  • The Cupcake Game
    The Cupcake Game
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The yummiest game you'll ever play!

To play, just check the recipe, and spin for what you’ll need
To bake up perfect cupcakes, satisfaction guaranteed.
Even though it’s make believe, it’s splendid what you’ll learn.
Try not to spin the rotten egg, or you will lose a turn!
Be first to gather what you need and you will be a winner,
And an expert cupcake maker, without spoiling your dinner!

We LOVE cupcakes, and this game is the most deliciously fun way to spend some quality time with the family, or let your kids go at 'er and have their own cupcake party with the game as the centerpiece activity.

To begin the game, pick from one of 4 yummy cupcake recipes which will display what each player needs to make the perfect dessert!  Each player takes a turn at the spinner- the first to collect all the ingredients wins the game, but look out for the rotten egg!

Game helps child learn categorization and recipe following skills.
Instructions included on inside of box cover.

• Four delicious cupcake recipes to choose from!
• Paper spinner included!
• Box is 10” X 10”

2-4 players

Ages 5+


eeBoo's "Cupcake Game" is the winner of Oppenheim Toy Portfolio's "Best Toy Gold Seal Award"

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