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The Snow Block

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The Snow Block
The Snow Block
  • Fort built with the Snow Block
    Fort built with the Snow Block
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Make "talk-of-the-town" snow forts and igloos with this superbly cool snow block form!

The Snow Block is a very sturdy and generously sized block form that you can make perfect snow forts, igloos and even sand castles in the summer with!

Goes perfectly with the Snow Baller, so you can build your snow ball fortress to conceal your ammo and protect yourself!
Or make a fun snow fort or snow cave to hide in. 
We recommend getting two to make the snow fort building go quicker!

Do please consider your snow conditions in the area you live.  The snow needs to be packable, so if you can build a snowman, then you can have snow forts and snow balls! 
Alternately, if your snow is too fluffy and dry, you can try adding a little water to the snow to make it more packable.

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